Amy Dale museum curator blogger


Hi there, I’m Amy and I’ve made my career working in the museum sector. At the end of 2013 I decided to give up my job in Edinburgh and move to Australia with my partner. We’re having a crazy time settling in and discovering our new country.

Feeding the WallabiesI’m passionate about sharing all the exciting things museums do and my experiences visiting them. I’m on a mission to show people museums are cool.  My passion for culture and creativity spills out in every part of my life. When I’m not in a museum you’ll catch me cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

I grew up in the south of England. However, I’ve spent a large part of my adult life living in Scotland. I reckon Scotland has to be one of the most wonderful countries in existence. A little piece of my heart will always remain there.

Things I love (other than museums and food)…

  • Tatty Devine jewellery
  • Anything vintage
  • Lush cosmetics
  • A Cosy blanket, slippers & a good book

I can also be found on Twitter, Instagram and Pintrest.


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