Landing in London

There is nothing better than visiting the UK during summertime. After surviving my first 23-hour flight from Adelaide, I was delighted to arrive in sunny London. I have the next couple of weeks free for exploring and travelling so I’m feeling a bit like an excited tourist.

This weekend we stayed in Brixton, eating our way across the city, visiting museums along the way. A sunny walk around Brockwell Park was the perfect way to shake off the jet lag. We discovered a hidden walled garden in the centre of the park, which offers visitors the perfect escape from the busy city. The garden was full of poppies, roses and wild flowers.

Brockwell Park walled garden

Pink roses growing in Brockwell Park walled garden

On Saturday we headed to The British Museum for the Vikings exhibition. I’ve been looking forward to seeing this exhibition for months and recently blogged about the cinema screening of the exhibition. I’ll be publishing my review of the exhibition soon.

Entrance to the Vikings exhibition at the British Museum

On Sunday, I was catching up with some of my oldest and dearest friends for a bit of a reunion. Fortunately, they don’t mind being dragged to a few museums!

In the morning, we visited The Geffrye Museum, which is devoted to the history of the home. If you’ve never heard of this place, it’s amazing! Go next time you have a day off.

Entrance to the Geffrye MuseumIn the afternoon we popped into the Wellcome Collection. I like visiting this museum because they have quirky themed exhibitions. The building is currently undergoing redevelopment, so some of the galleries were closed but we still enjoyed having a look around.  The cafe has huge comfy seats and wasn’t very busy when we visited, which was perfect for sitting around and gossiping.

Antony Gormley sculpture at the Wellcome Collection

Antony Gormley sculpture hanging from the ceiling at the Wellcome Collection, London.

Over the weekend I felt as if I got to see London at its best. When the sun shines everyone seems more happy and friendly. Next up in my trip is Glastonbury and the West of England.

Bye for now…

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