On yer bike Adelaide!

This week I discovered another cool thing about Adelaide. There’s a scheme called Adelaide City Bikes where anyone can hire a bicycle for FREE! It’s part of the council’s plan to make a cleaner greener city and I think it’s great. There are lots of places where you can collect a bike. All you need is your driving license or passport as a deposit.

Amy Dale riding a free Adelaide City Bike

Where to Cycle in Adelaide

After finding out about the River Torrens Linear Trail via TripAdvisor, I thought it would be the prefect place for a relaxing ride. I can recommend picking up the bikes from the Zoo, which is right next to the trail and it’s open 7 days a week. The bikes even come with a helmet and a chain for locking up the bike. I really liked my bike as it had a comfy seat (very important!) and a basket at the front.

Map showing cycling route along the River Torrens Linear Park Trail

Cycling route along the River Torrens Linear Park Trail

The Trail is really beautiful, with lots of wildlife to spot along the way. It’s also car-free and mostly flat, which are both wins in my book. I had so much fun riding along with the wind in my hair. We ended up riding for nine miles in a loop, heading down one side of the river and back along the other side. If you fancy giving the bikes a go, check out this handy leaflet for all the details. Next time, I’m keen to rent a bike a head to the beach!

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